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The Greek Tourism Sector
A Very Promising Investment Opportunity

Greece is one of the top global tourist destinations for sun and beach holidays, and also provides attractive propositions for year-round themed holidays.
With more than 4,000 islands and islets and 17,000 kilometers of coast and well-established tourism infrastructure, Greece presents a prime investment opportunity in the Tourism sector and in the Real Estate properties in these branded locations. 

City break tourism consists of three to four-day trips to cities around the world, is a year-round source of tourist revenue, and has been a great growth driver for cities across Europe and Asia. 

Both Athens and Thessaloniki combine exactly the characteristics required for a significant presence in city break tourism – a strong cultural history, an active city life, an increasing network of direct flights to major cities, and of course, great weather.
That is why we focus on the Real Estate market in these Cities beyond the Greek  Islands

We work for Buyers & Investors only and help them find the best properties in the best locations in Greece. And, of course, at the best price.

Our Approach is Client-Oriented

Knowledge & Expertise

Portfolio of properties with demonstrated or expected ROI Handpicked collaborations over the years. Unique properties.

The Maximum Return of your Buy

We present, properties capable of a return
between 6 & 10%. Only view the best properties.
Valuation to ensure resale value

Cover Every Step of the Process.

Due diligence, Mordgage,
and Property Tax, After sales service.

How it Works


Hotel in Santorini

We will gather a handpicked selection of properties sent it to you to finetune our understand of your criteria, and yours of the market, to finally ensure we have the best for your goals when the viewing day comes.


Real Estate Cityproperties

During the property visiting days, we make sure you only see the best, with clear reasons on why each property is the best in its category. We will then select 2 or 3 from this list, to be able to negotiate from a good position and ensure these are safe purchases via our due diligence process.


With an agreed price, there is a full process to manage to ensure that the purchase is completely safe.

After your Investment



In most cases, to ensure the best value is better to acquire properties that need to be renovated. With us, this is a smooth process, with a certain date and budget, that enables in the end to get an improved and result.

Property Management

We take care of renting out the property on long or on the short term in order to get the best return on investment in Greece.

To Get the Most out of your Investment

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