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How are third-country nationals entitled to a Greek residence permit:

Third-country nationals may fall within the provisions of the Code: Law 4251/2014, Government Gazette 1, no 80 (Law of the Immigration and Social Integration), either by making an investment or by acquiring real-estate property.

More specifically, Art. 20 of the Code tries to stimulate the domestic land market by regulating the granting of a Greek Residence Permit to third-country nationals investing in real estate properties in Greece with a value of at least € 250,000 through sales, lease or timesharing agreement. The amount of € 250,000 must have been paid in full upon the signing of the respective contract.

The above-described residency permit (Golden visa) can be renewed every five years indefinitely, as long as the property remains entirely at the ownership of the main applicant.

Family members of the main investor, may be granted a personal residence permit that is renewed and/or expires concurrently with the residence permit of the investor (property owner).
Family members considered:  the spouse, children up to 21 years of age, applicant’s parents, spouse’s parents.

Periods of absence from the country do not constitute a reason for refusal.

Greek Golden Visa in 10 Simple Steps

Total Cost Calculator

To have an educated opinion about the total expenses involved, use the application below to calculate the Total Capital needed besides the Property Net Price. The final amount depends on:   a) the property price and b) the family members who will join the Golden Visa Programme. 
It includes Property Transfer Tax, Notarial fees, Legal fees, Government Vouchers, Real Estate Agency fees and Residency Permits related fees.

احسب الان (Arabic)

No need to stay in Greece to maintain the right

The Golden Visa can be valid indefinitely

Citizenship eligibility after 7 years of residency

Free to Establish a Business in Greece

Access to public education an Health System

Properties are freehold (unlimited period)

Legal Details about Greek Golden Visa Application

Financial Criteria & Conditions
Property Ownership in Greece will allow owners to obtain a Golden Visa to the following categories of owners:
Any non-EU national who acquires property worth € 250.000 or more, in their name.

  • Any non-EU national who acquires property worth € 250.000 or more, in the name of a company or other entity of which the said non-EU national is the sole shareholder
  • A couple (husband and wife) of non-EU nationals who jointly buy property worth €250.000 or more. The stake each spouse buys need not be equal
  • Two or more non-EU nationals who buy property provided that the stake each of them acquires is worth € 250.000 or more
  • A non-EU national who has entered into a leasing contract for hotels or other tourist accommodation for a minimum term of ten (10) years, and provided that the lease is worth € 250.000 or more
  • A non-EU national who has entered into a time-sharing agreement for a minimum term of ten (10) years

When can someone apply:
The purchase process must have been completed (i.e. the Sale & Purchase Contract must have been registered and the relevant Registration Certificate must have been issued) BEFORE someone can apply for a Residence Permit. 

The Golden Visa can be valid indefinitely, provided the holder still owns property which meets the criteria granting him the right to obtain it. This is verified every five years and it is the holder’s responsibility to provide the supporting documents providing that he/she is still entitled to keeping the permit. Failure to do so may result in its revocation.

Family members:
The members of the buyer’s immediate family (wife and children) are also entitled to a Residence Permit, as are now their parents and in-laws. 

Issue process duration:
Provided that all due documents are in order before submission, the Golden visa should be issued within two (2) months of submitting the application with supporting documents, provided the biometric process has been completed, all documents are available at request.
Documents issued by a foreign authority should be translated either in English or Greek and duly authenticated.

It needs to be clarified that the Golden Visa itself does not grant its holder the right to work in Greece. However, he/she can be a shareholder or stakeholder in a company based in Greece, as well as a member of its Board of Directors or Managing Director. 

Visa Free Travel in The E.U

Through the Schengen Area, borders between European countries are only existent on maps. Over 400 million nationals of 26-member countries enjoy the freedom of traveling. Passports checks and border controls within the area are non-existent since every country shares common travel and movement rights.

  1. Nationals of any world country, when in the Schengen Area, can liberally cross the internal borders of the Schengen countries, free from border checks
  2. Shared standards for crossing the external borders of Schengen countries
  3. Harmonized entry and short-stay visa conditions for all Schengen countries
  4. No need to travel through Greece in or out but that is possible to or from any Schengen Area Airport.

….and the EU?

The EU, on the other hand, corresponds to the countries that signed the Maastricht Treaty of 1993 – and those that have joined since. These countries form part of the European Union.

Yes, EU residents may move freely across its borders but you should not mistake that for the similar and overlapping movement through the Schengen Area.

What countries are part of each group and what are the differences?

The countries that are not included in both groups are the UK and Ireland (which are in the EU but not in Schengen) and Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Iceland (which are inside the Schengen Area but not in the EU).

Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, and Croatia are in the EU but not currently in the Schengen, however, these four countries are legally obliged to join the Schengen Area and are in the process of joining.

This map also explains the difference pretty well…

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